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Tags Anna*s*Hans (Frozen) works

tags Anna*s*Hans (Frozen) works

Or: Anna and Kristoff acquire a pet, and Hans tries to deal with a magical contract which includes a clause forbidding him to use furniture except for sexual.
1 - 20 of 49 Works in Anna & Hans (Disney) . Summary. Anna returns to Arendelle for a summer wedding to find it's been frozen in an eternal winter.
Anna is finally introduced to her dear husband Hans's brothers. Charmed by each one but especially the eldest, now the king of the Southern Isles, Anna finds. Top of Work Index. Plot to include influences from tales by Hans Christian Andersen and other stories. Rapunzel topples their tower of illusions, forcing Elsa and Flynn to confront their true selves. She just didn't expect to have to travel so far. Redemption: under a benign sky.
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